77 Perry Street New York, 10014 212 504-2500

Certain people create a great name and some people are just born with one. a name like Andreas Anastasis would be a quite difficult to manufacture and it certainly has a ring to it.  


Born in Central London to a Greek Cypriot family, Andreas Anastasis grew up with creativity in his blood. After attaining a degree at the prestigious London College of Fashion, he moved to New York City to pursue his dream of working with fashion, beginning his career as a hairstylist. From New York Fashion Week to owning his studio in the heart of the west village, he's been styling fashion shoots for almost two decades.

His ability to shape the images we see in magazines has crossed over to the art world through film, photography and art direction.


      “i want to create an artistic movement, that future artists will reference to, as i do with so many artists”